gardening services

What I don't do

  • Regular grass-cutting (unless combined with other garden tasks e.g. weeding, planting, pruning, dead-heading, planting, mulching, hedge-cutting)
  • Use a hedgecutter to carve shrubs into an unnatural lollipop shape - or intentionally prune shrubs in a way that will reduce flowering.
  • Rely on hoeing or weedkiller to control weeds. There's nothing inherently wrong with hoes or spraying, but they both carry a risk to treasured plants/bulbs, and I believe it's better in the long run to hand-weed.
  • Tamper with a plant until I know its identity and requirements.

What I do do

  • Weeding. Yes, I love weeding! It's true! Real hands-and-knees stuff.
  • Garden maintenance customised to the needs of you and your garden. Many experienced gardeners find they are not able - due to either time constraints, illness or old age - to look after their plot in the way they would like. Many maintenance services simply "prettify" your garden by indiscriminate harsh pruning, leaf-blowing and hoeing. My interest is in being a real gardener.
  • Garden make-overs ... has your garden got out of control? Are you wanting to sell your property and need it sorting out for the estate agent? I love this kind of thing.
  • Garden design ... I am fascinated by plant combinations and appropriate use of plants for all year interest. Happy to advise on "gaps" in your borders - or to do rather more! (See photos, right, of my elderly mother's garden before and after, which I designed, dug over, plant-sourced and planted).

Where do I do it?

How far I will travel depends on what/how much you want me to do, but mostly I am working in the Cambridge/Ely/Newmarket area.

How much does it cost?

Depending on the amount of work required, the distance to travel, and the requirement for fuel for e.g. mowing or strimming, I work at a rate of 10-20/hour (no VAT to add). Concessions only available for clients in Wicken or adjacent villages.



A garden I created for my mother

Existing garden, early 2014

Not long after planting, August 2014

From the far end, August 2014

October 2014

November 2014